Amazing Greenhouses

In the first half of the summer term, Lotus class got practical and produced working greenhouses as a part of their Design Technology (DT) learning. The children first of all learned about the function of a greenhouse and considered who the audience of them is, as well as where they can be used.

Following this, they explored a variety of designs commenting on the different structure types and their benefits. They used this understanding of structure to form prototypes using paper straws to assemble mock greenhouses which the children critiqued and reviewed.

After that, they then thought critically about their final designs. As the children were working with wood and saws this term, they learned about different cuts and how they can be used for different purposes. As well as this, they observed the importance of safety when working with saws and created posters which made them more cautious.

Running up to the final weeks of the half term, Lotus class finally created scale drawings of their final designs linking their DT work to their understanding of ratios in Math.

Finally, the big day arrived and the children assembled their greenhouses using wood and they coated them in waterproof plastic. Each group had a slightly different design and the team work shown within the session was incredible.

What a great DT learning Lotus class!