British Science Week 2021

From Monday 8th March to Friday 12th March, we celebrated British Science Week at Rosecliffe Spencer. All our children took part, and each class conducted an investigation or tried to find a solution to a Big Question – every day!

Buttercups investigated how to make slime (everyone had very blue hands afterwards!) and also conducted an investigation on how to make a boat that floats. One criteria they had to consider was that Fred needed to be able to fit in the boat! He had to spend some time on the radiator afterwards!

Camellia class considered stability of structures through an edible architecture challenge, investigated the effects of heat on wax crayons, created their own rainbows through light splitters and tested the most effective water purifiers while thinking about World Water Day.

The children in Lilac class were asked to decide which fruit/vegetable they thought would taste the nicest based on its appearance.  Once all children had voted, they were blindfolded and given a piece of fruit/vegetable. They were asked if they enjoyed it or not. This was then repeated but this time the children were not blind folded.  Results indicate that the appearance of food does affect how it tastes. When blind folded, the children’s other senses were heightened and they needed to rely solely on these. However, when they were able to use their sight, they judged the food before eating it. They therefore made a subconscious decision as to whether or not they would like it.

Lotus class built small intestines to learn about the digestive system. They explored how the digestive system works before delving into the bacteria that resides within it. Did you know the small intestine is about 6m long when stretched out?

We have so many excited, budding scientists – What a fantastic week!