Learning about Hinduism

Mrs Sharma came into Lilac class to kick off their topic on Hinduism. She was able to cover a range of topics within Hinduism from what it is and where it originated to the different festivals. Her knowledge of the religion really shone through and it was a great experience for the children to hear about the religion from a practising member. We really appreciate the effort she put into her presentation and for joining us.

Some feedback from our learners:

Fayrouz Year 3- She shared her very deep knowledge on the Hindu faith with us. It was good to hear about the religion from someone who practices the faith.

Max Year 4- It was a very informative session on the Hindu religion. It was good to hear about all of the different festivals and how they are celebrated. I learnt that the festivals are different depending on where in India you come from.

Leo F Year 4- I liked that she completed a quiz with us at the end of the lesson. It was fun and it was testing how well we listened and what we learnt. I enjoyed the stories that she told us about the different gods and goddesses. It was nice how she used Shaurya within her presentation, for example he came up to the front and touched her toes which is a greeting Hindus use to show respect to their elders.

She even left behind the objects of a shrine for us to look at in more detail. It was a good experience to be able to have hands on experience. I thought it was good that Shaurya shared with her what we as a class enjoy, for example we love to watch informational videos so she included one within her talk.

Lois Year 3- I really enjoyed the session. It was nice that she admitted she was nervous to speak to all of us so we all joined her in a dance to loosen up.

She even showed us videos so that we could see how they celebrate certain Hindu festivals e.g. Holi, Diwali and Dusshera.