Stone Age Workshop

Today the children in Lilac and Iris class travelled back in 2.5 million years ago to the Stone Age. They spent the day taking part in a range of workshops about the Stone Age.

This morning they were archaeologists and excavated 8 different sites where they uncovered a range of artefacts. They even turned these into a mini-museum to share with friends. We learned about Stratigraphy and used this technique to identify how old we thought some of the artefacts were. On the tables were little brown bags that contained an artefact. It was our job to create a story to match the artefact. This was a fun activity and it was nice to hear all the different stories that came from one artefact. Our final task for the morning included piecing together the past, this proved difficult as there were missing pieces.

After lunch, the learning continued and we became artists and made pottery, Stone Age bracelets, weaved our own clothing, made our own string and finally they ground grain as if they were making their own food.