Superheroes Visit Rosecliffe

We have recently had visits from some real-life superheroes!

Just before the Easter break, Buttercups class had a Zoom call with a doctor who has a special role working in a hospital (and is also one of our Buttercups’ Dad!).

The superhero Dad told the class all about his special role and how he looks after people every day. He brought along some special equipment to show the children too.

On the first day back after Easter, we were also visited at Rosecliffe by two Police Officers who are based at West Bridgford Fire Station. They told the children all about how they help to keep our community safe, and we also learnt about the equipment that they use day-to-day. The children also had an exclusive tour around their Police car.

All children were very impressed with how loud the police car siren was, and they loved seeing the equipment the police officers wear – Nyla-Mai from Camellia class commented: “They have loads of equipment – it looks really heavy!” The officers also cordoned off an area, as they would when an incident takes place, and the children loved seeing the flashing lights on the cones. “Wow!” was certainly the word mentioned most throughout the visit!

Mrs Chandhoke, Principal at Rosecliffe Spencer Academy said “It was great to meet some real-life superheroes after learning all about them last half term. We are very lucky to have such brilliant superheroes in our community who can share their experiences with our children at Rosecliffe.”