Teddy Bear Hospital

EYFS had a special visit from Doctor Ellen and Arthur the Teddy Bear. We took on the role of doctors to treat Arthur at the Teddy Bear Hospital.

Doctor Ellen told us about Arthur Bear’s injuries and we discussed how to treat him. First, we learnt about the medical equipment, including a stethoscope, tendon hammer, blood pressure machine and thermometer. “I know something to look in his ears, it’s called an otoscope” said Rishi.

We looked at Arthur Bear’s X-rays. Doctor Evlyn told us “An X-ray looks at your skeleton.”

We worked together brilliantly as a team and we were able to send Arthur Bear home with some medicine. We used the special equipment to continue our learning and develop our knowledge of the role of doctors in our Discovery Time. We’ve been learning about people who help us stay safe and healthy; this was a wonderful way to apply our learning.