WW2 Experience Day

Lotus Class were visited by Partake History on Friday 4th March, and were treated to a day full of exciting activities all centered around our history learning, World War 2. The children began the day by getting the opportunity to explore some very rare artefacts from the 1940s including a gas mask, a soldier’s helmet, clothes and other war time accessories.

The children were then immersed into 1940s culture, by learning two popular war-time dances, the Jitterbug and the Lambeth Walk. The children took part brilliantly during these dance sessions; it was wonderful to see everybody dancing to period correct music!

Along with this, the children also considered life as an evacuee, watching a short documentary in order to inspire a conversation about the difficult decision families faced when sending children to the countryside.

Lotus class also had the opportunity to use chalk (reflective of a 1940s classroom) in order to complete a quiz all about rationing during the war.

Here are some reflections from the pupils in Lotus Class:

Lucia – I really enjoyed the whole day! History is my favourite subject and I really enjoyed learning more about WW2. It was great to see artefacts that actually came from the war.

Luke – It was a very fun day because we learnt new dances and we were able to hold artefacts from the war. We also learnt that Hitler’s bunker is now a car park in Berlin!

Lily – Today was a really fun day, we learnt a lot about rationing and I enjoyed using the chalk to complete the quiz; we really felt like we were in a school in the 1940s.

Billi – I enjoyed learning about all of the different artefacts, and learnt loads about how people during the war would have felt when they were being evacuated.