What is SMSC?

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development brings together a diverse area of learning. Within our academy, the principles of SMSC play a key role in our interaction and belonging.



Our values are central to our creative curriculum planning which allows regular opportunities for pupils to discuss, reflect on and express their understanding and development of SMSC.

Our values and expectations will be shared with the children during our Mindful Monday assemblies and then modelled and developed further in class sessions and throughout the school day. Children are given a broad range of experiences in all aspects of SMSC which link to our values, supported greatly by our JIGSAW PSHE scheme.



Speaking and being able to eloquently express ourselves is as important as reading, writing and maths. Young people need to be able to talk in a range of settings and styles, using a wide vocabulary with fluency. We will ensure pupils develop excellent oral communication skills through well structured and high quality talk in lessons and by spending time building pupils confidence so they are able to make friends, form meaningful relationships, be kind to others and find their own voice.


Pupil Voice

Each class selects a class representative for our school council. This class representative conveys their classes wishes and concerns to the school coucnil, offering a way to hear pupils’ voices on any area of school life.



Our curriculum by provides opportunities to learn, express ourselves and to be part of our community with different daily activities such as massage sessions, yoga and relaxation, mindful thinking – time to talk and reflect.

Our project based learning gives pupils the opportunity to work together in creative ways to produce high quality finished pieces. Part of the process towards finished pieces will include visits and experiences that provide a variety of cultural experiences.

Often we have visitors in school from our community and wider world who will help us understand and support our thinking and engagement in society.



Social activities including clubs are a fundamental part of life at Rosecliffe Spencer Academy. A selection of organised group activity and clubs will be created by staff following consultation with children. Pupils have the right to request additional clubs and activities through school council. We will try to meet requests where there is sufficient interest, in addition to teachers providing clubs that they think may be popular or valuable.



At Rosecliffe Spencer Academy, we make positive memories for all children. Each half term we hold a school council meeting to convey pupils views and encourage pupils to take a lead on various subjects, for example, fund raising, awareness of national events, our environmental needs and how we can support our local and national community. Our school council members organise events for their fellow pupils and enlighten and develop their knowledge of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.



At the end of each term (Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2), our teachers assess the children’s development in SMSC. The EXCELlence grids allow the staff to see which children are beginning, developing and secure in their SMSC awareness. This information then gets transferred onto Google drive where all data is then stored and made accessible for all.


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